Methods: In a single center, 101 consecutive patients treated wit

Methods: In a single center, 101 consecutive patients treated with HAI through SIC over 10 years were retrospectively reviewed. The studied group (+IR) was composed of patients referred to interventional radiology for repair of catheter malfunctions. The overall patency of catheters in the +IR group was compared with the overall patency of a control group composed of patients without catheter malfunction (no IR).

Results: 86 patients were included with no difference in baseline characteristics between +IR (n = 40) and no IR (n = 46). There were no significant differences in overall patency between both groups (8.4 courses

vs. 8.4 courses, p = 0.99). Furthermore, with an overall success rate of 72.5%, IR significantly improved the mean primary patency from 2.4 to 8.4 courses (p

< 0.0001) in the +IR group.

Conclusion: see more By restoring a normal patency to SIC affected by different types of malfunctions, IR improves feasibility of HAI. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“The ultimate sensitivity of any solid state device is limited by fluctuations. Fluctuations are manifestations of the thermal motion of matter and the discreteness of its structure which are also inherent ingredients during the resistive switching process of resistance random access memory (RRAM) devices. In quest for the role of fluctuations in different memory states and to develop resistive selleck chemicals llc switching based nonvolatile memory devices, here we present our study on random telegraph noise (RTN) resistance fluctuations in Cu doped Ge0.3Se0.7 based RRAM cells. The influence of temperature and electric field on the RTN fluctuations is studied on different resistance states of the memory cells to reveal the dynamics of the underlying fluctuators. Our analysis indicates that the observed fluctuations could arise from thermally activated transpositions of Cu ions inside ionic or redox “”double-site traps”" triggering fluctuations in the current transport

through a filamentary conducting path. Giant RTN fluctuations characterized by relative resistance U0126 price variations of up to 50% in almost macroscopic samples clearly point to the existence of weak links with small effective cross-sectional areas along the conducting paths. Such large resistance fluctuations can be an important issue for the industrial applications of RRAM devices because they might lead to huge bit-error rates during reading cycles.”
“As children’s perceptions of their quality of life are unique, it is essential to elicit their concerns directly rattler than from proxy informants. This Study therefore aimed to investigate the impact of childhood epilepsy oil quality of life directly from the child’s perspective. Focus group techniques and qualitative analysis were utilized. Twenty-two children between 7 years 4 months and 12 years 6 months of age (11 females, 11 males) were stratified by age (7-8, 9-10.

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